Article 1

Section 1 – Name. The name of this association shall be the 35th Division Association.

Section 2 – Purpose. The purpose of the 35th Division Association shall be to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the States, to foster and promote the memories and incidents of the service of the 35th Division, in war and in peace,, to combat all influences which might tend to undermine or weaken our government under the Constitution, and to promote the continued comradeship among individuals and collectively with units. The successful demonstration of fulfilling these purposes is dependent upon each generation of soldiers and their families being committed and actively involved in Association business..

Section 3 – Statement of Non-Partisanship & Non-Sectarianism. The 35th Division Association is non-partisan and non-sectarian, and the Association shall not be used for partisan political or religious purposes.

Section 4 – Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. This Constitution and By-Laws, or any part thereof, may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the
Executive Committee.

Section 5 – Dissolution. In the event of the dissolution of the 35th Division Association, all remaining funds and property shall be transferred to the 35th Division Museum Fund.

Section 6 – Articles of Incorporation. The 35th Division Association is chartered under the Articles of Incorporation, State of Kansas, dated December 13, 1960.

Section 7 – IRS Status. – The 35th Division Association is a 501c(4) organization as per the letter from the Internal Revenue Service, U. S. Treasury Department, dated October 22, 1963. Contributions to the 35th Division Association are deductible for income tax purposes as provided in Section 170 of the Code.