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Please consider purchasing one or more of the below items to support the 35th Division Association. 
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1. DVD - "A Living History of the 35th Infantry Division in World War II" by Murray Leff - $12.00
Murray Leff is the author of Lens of an Infantryman and a 35th Division Association Hall of Fame Inductee. Check out this YouTube Video.
2.  35th Division Coin - $12.00 ($10.00 If No Mailing Needed)
3. 35th Division Hat - $15.00
4. 35th Division Lapel Pin - $5.00 
($4.00 If No Mailing Needed) 
About the size of a dime 
Design #1                           Design  #2
                      5. 35th Division Ceramic Mug - $15.00 ($7.00 If No Mailing Needed)
6. 35th Division 100th Edition Mug - $15.00 
($7.00 If No Mailing Needed)